Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's obvious that Neon has been a big hit this spring, and no doubt will continue into this summer! A subtle way to work the trend would be a neon bag or even neon rings and bracelets. These florescent hues can be surprisingly flattering, they work great during the summer months (the bright colors really accentuate your bronze glow.) I prefer to pair neon pieces with neutrals like black, white, or tan, but for the braver souls, pair a neon tee with a bright skirt, a pair of short, or pants. Prints are also a great way to make a statement with your neon. Mix a neon tee with some printed pants like leopard (another neutral) snake print or stripes, and the other way.

Above,Free people bralett and skirt (in store)

Above LNA top and Lush shorts(in store)

Above, LNA Tank, Free people bralett and jeans (in store)

Other images via fashiion-gone-rouge
xoxo, Kajsa

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rocker Tee Love

We've been a little MIA the past two months, so so sorry. Fortunately, while we were out, summer weather has been frequenting the area and totally getting us pumped up. Every year around this time, I find myself religiously stalking all of the Coachella looks. Assuming we all frequent summer music festivals, one can only imagine how tedious the task of choosing an outfit would be. Just like any outfit worn in the summertime, it would need to be comfy enough to wear from dusk to dawn, while remaining effortlessly.... awesome! With all of the new Chaser Brand Tees coming into the store, outfits are running wild through my head, these tee's totally fit the criteria for a laid back yet stylish look.

(All above photos via Pinterest)

The beauty of the 'Rocker Tee' is it's ability to be comfy, chic, and illuminate coolness all at the same time. It's not only perfect for a music festival, but for ANY event your planning on attending this summer!

Make it a classic look and pair the tee with Levi's, a military jacket and some awesome worn in boots, or dress it up with a maxi and a leather jacket. The possibilities are endless!!!