Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th of July!

The 4th is almost here, and we have been having way to much fun picking out our fav independence day threads.The great thing about the "Americana" themed tops and bottoms is how versatile some of the pieces can be through out the rest of summer!
This Wildfox White label flag sweater may look familiar, only because it's been seen on some of the biggest celebrities around. Come snag yours up before they are all gone.
Super AWESOME BC Wedges in a red nautical print.
Lush stripped high waisted shorts, paired with the Madonna Chaser tank.

Super Comfy Wildfox Star Sweater paired with Rich and Skinny Red denim!
This Super Cute oversized american flag scarf is EXTREMELY versatile and we ADORE it. 

Friday, June 29, 2012


To ring in the warm weather and the official summer season, we held a Sweet Summer Party that was a serious success! Guests enjoyed sweet treats and 15 percent of super fab summer pieces. It was a fun night spent with AWESOME customers!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Trending: Crosses

 Crosses are a super hot right now try them on a tee, collar, dress, or stacked on your wrist, neck, and ears. Where them subtly or BOLDLY. Wildfox is killing us with their super cute trendy Cross tees. Come in and check em' out!
xoxo Kajsa 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Dip Bleach Shorts DIY

 Here is a SUPER SIMPLE DIY that's chic, cute, simple and under $100 no, $6.00!! Assuming that you have most of the items. I would "guess-timate" about $10-15 dollars for supplies. I had a bucket, a stick, and a pair of thrifted Levi's, I only had to purchase the liquids.
What you'll need:
-A Bucket and Rubber Gloves
-A yard stick
-Denim Shorts (or any other article of clothing) 

 1.Combine in a bucket 2 parts water and one part bleach to make the bleach solution.
2. Prepare your shorts by threading a ruler though all of the belt loops. (I only looped it through the back three)

3.Dip the shorts into the bleach at the desired depth. Leave the shorts soaking for approx 30 minutes. (the bleach will run, so leave about an inch out of the solution for good measure)

4. After the bleach has turned the shorts the desired white shade (may take a few dips), remove shorts from bleach solution and soak in a sink or bathtub with two parts water and one part vinegar for approximately five to ten minutes to stop the bleaching process. 

5. Lay flat to dry out completely and wash ALONE for the first time.

6. ENJOY your super cute shorts :)


Photos via: ShesFancyFree