Monday, July 30, 2012

Embellished Collars

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE summer, but we may be getting a little too excited for the transition into fall attire. As of late, studs have been popping up everywhere, and have become a huge trend that will no doubt continue into fall.  Work these studded collars under cute sweaters and pair with some denim cutoffs for a cool summer night. Then later wear with leather leggings a big knit coat or military jacket. SO SO many options. Peek-a-boo studs are great transitional pieces. Also a killer ( not to mention SUPER EASY!) DIY. 

xoxo, Kajsa

Monday, July 16, 2012

Do-It-Yourself Mesh Tee

I Recently Came across this simple DIY on Refinery29 and had to try it out! It was super simple. It took me about 15 minuets and $5 bucks. A pair of scissors and some patients will end in a designer looking tee for a sliver of the price. Pair your tee over a tank dress, a romper, a swimsuit, the list goes on! 

Fold up the tee about 2 inches and start cutting small triangles about 1.5 inches apart.
Unfold the tee and fold up so the triangles are showing and cut in between the diamonds smaller triangles.
Hint- It's like cutting paper snowflakes when you were little. Try to envision what it will look like unfolded. 
Continue the cutting up to the neckline. Avoid cutting sleeves and the seem of the neck. Then take it on a test run! Styling it was the best part!!
I also tried a version where I cut just the sleeves and left the center. Check it out and follow us on Instagram! @Sweetlifeboutique
If all else fails get a three pack of tee's and watch this video ;) 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sass & Bide Necklace Inspiration, OnHighHeels blog inspiration, and of course A pair & a spare blog inspiration.

End Result~

Supplies/ Before~

What you'll need:

-Spray paint (any neon color of choice) and white primer. 
-Old necklace whether its skinny or chunky 
-News paper or magazines 

1. Spray a layer of white paint over the front and back of the necklace. Let dry.

2. Spray the neon paint over the necklace. Be sure the spray paint does not pool, spray evenly and lightly.

3. Dry between each coat. After the final layer is applied, leave out to dry over night. 

Check out ShesFancyFree and Apair&aspare blogs for different versions! 

xoxo Kajsa