Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Smells like GRUNGE spirit

 The 90's are back, too soon? maybe, but surprisingly we are ALL about it. Grunge has made a very fast comeback to the fall fashion scene. 
We are loving anything plaid, leather, or black with studs. 
You'll need about four items to get the look. Start with a plaid flannel, some leather or denim sort of bottom, add a military jacket, and studded or laced up boots. Top of the look with messy hair and a sultry pout. 
Think Kate Moss circa 1990 sporting every girls most lust worthy accessory, Johnny Depp. 
Get ready for the grunge revival, whether you like it or not!

xoxo, Kajsa 


  1. Im defintely liking this comeback, just need to get myself a military jacket :) xx


  2. We are as well! Military Jackets are our number one fall pick! Xoxo

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